Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in seeing the Word of God reach all corners of the globe?
The EYFPodcast is currently heard on 6 out of the 7 continents (Antartica remains a mystery) but for us that's not good enough! Our goal is to do all we can to get God's Word front and center and for this we need help. EYFPodcast is fully self-funded and if James and I don't do it or pay for it, it doesn't get done. We truly feel blessed knowing that God has allowed us to bring the concept of Exercising Your Faith this far. 125+ shows, 1,000's of downloads and 100's of new friendships and prayer partners. 
With God's blessing and your help we'd like to take it further. We'd like to encourage you to join our Faith Army. If you feel led to support us financially or simply come alongside us in prayer we'd appreciate it. We feel we are being led to expand our ministry beyond just the microphone and truly become the hands and feet of God through an army of faithful Christ warriors.
Current costs include:
-website hosting
-podcast hosting
-exclusive rights to materials for distribution
-podcast hardware/software
-podcast production costs
Prayerful Considerations for the future
-Purchase additional rights to exclusive materials to distribute
-Purchase additional podcasting services to expand reach
-Continue to donate to specific causes uncovered via the EYFPodcast
Please consider joining with us 
Luke 17:6