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EYFPodcast-There is always hope when we exercise our faith. Faustino Rico's story will move you.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Okay you might also end up saying things like "amazing", "unbelievable", or even "heartbreaking." Or you might even be left speechless as we were. It's not very often you really get to meet someone as "real" as Faustino. We hope you enjoy it as much as we at the EYFPodcast did. There are quite a few takeaways you're going to get out of this episode so just to whet your appetite for spiritual hunger here's a few:

  1. Where to find spiritual strength

  2. How to find God

  3. How to study the word of God

  4. How to grow your faith in God

Often times you'll hear people talk about struggles they are having in life and if we're honest we will usually dismiss them but not with "Tino." Tino has faced down the devil and all his demons regarding, gangs, crime, drugs and alcohol. He has grown his faith in God by walking day by day, hour by hour with our Lord Jesus Christ. Being able to overcome the enemy isn't easy but if you learn to listen to God and decide to follow him completely you can win and Faustino is living proof of God's redeeming love.

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