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You are never without Hope. Judge Roy Sparkman

You and I are never without hope. No truer words have ever been spoken and they are the resounding theme of the life of Judge Roy Sparkman. The Judge has been a champion for Christ while being in the public eye for most all of his career. A lawyer, a judge, a school board president and now an author the Judge has been a steadfast Christ follower. He is such a class act that even those who weren't believers but who knew what the Judge stood for were not afraid of coming to his courtroom because they knew he was a man of integrity.

Since retiring from the bench Judge Roy has made it his business to support the religious freedoms of all and has become a sought after advocate for religious liberty and rights throughout the United States. The Judge recently had his book the Pastor's Pit published and it's become a popular read of fiction based on the truth of what is happening to our once solid religious rights here in America. The Judge reminds us today that even though we are in a fight, we are never without hope. Jesus has defeated all who seek to tear you and I down. Our job is to remain steadfast and to stand on the truth like Judge Roy Sparkman.

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