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Yearly resolutions are not the answer. Getting to know God more is. Mr. America John Heart explains

Every year people all throughout the world begin the new year by focusing on what they want to stop doing. The list includes, overeating, drinking, smoking, drugs, procrastination blah, blah, blah. What if this year was different? What if this year you resolved to love God more? What if you resolved to get to know God more through His Word? What if seeking God's will and purpose for your life became your New years resolution? We have a special guest for all our listeners this New Years Day in Mr. America John Heart. Champion bodybuilder, motivational speaker, pro fitness trainer, Husband and Father are just a few of the words used to describe John. While the world may identify John this way if you ask him he'd tell you his identity is in Christ and because of that he doesn't need yearly resolutions, just more of God.

EYFPodcast wants the best for you this upcoming year and you can help it start out right by taking John's advice and jumping in with both feet into the deep end of God's pool. You won't be disappointed and you may find out you don't need all those resolutions after all, just more of Jesus.

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