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An even better reputation. When we think of Chick Fil A we are automatically drawn to the juicy chicken sandwich with barbecue sauce and waffle fries. We have all probably at one point in time spent way too long in a drive through line to get one but as we can all attest, it was worth it. The thing about Chick Fil A though is that the chicken sandwich is important but according to Trudy Cathy-White, your reputation is worth more. CFA is a business that was built on biblical principles and to this very day continues to operate in a manner according to a higher power. The EYFPodcast had the awesome opportunity to meet with Trudy this week and her story is not one to be missed. It's a story of family, service to others and submitting to God, not necessarily in that order. You will listen to this several times just to get all the "nuggets" she shares. Open your CFA app and order in today so you can spend an hour nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

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