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Two buckets, one life

How many times has someone said to you is your glass half empty or is your glass half full? As Christians I think we should really ask ourselves this question, "Is your bucket full of faith or is your bucket full of fear?"

As I have mentioned before, the road or path in Christianity for all of us is ever changing in terms of size or direction. God doesn't change but our circumstances most certainly do hence the two buckets. The idea that our life can be summed up into two buckets should empower you because in the two buckets lies the secret to the best life. The secret is this, you get to choose what goes into your life and you get to choose what goes into your buckets. If I asked you what feeling would you rather have, happiness or joy, which one would you choose? To be happy means you are basing your feelings on your circumstances whereas joy is a fruit of the spirit meaning it's connected to you through the Holy Spirit. One happens to you (happiness) and one happens through you (joy).

Faith and fear operate in the much the same way as happiness and joy do and you get to be the one to decide how much goes into each bucket. Let's use COVID-19 as an example since it's become the all encompassing issue of the day. Let's say you got up at 7 and turned on any of the cable news networks and watched the shows. In addition you got on the web and went to your favorite news sources there and Facebook where someone's sister's husband's brother got the virus and was hospitalized or died. Which bucket (faith/fear) is going to be the fullest at the end of the day or even worse by 12 noon! Now take someone who gets up at 7am and opens their bible to begin their daily reading and begins to meditate on the Word and begins to pray with the Spirit's leading. Instead of the news they choose to listen to a podcast like EYFPodcast and they pick up some tips and nuggets to fill their life up with faith. Because they're a daily bible reader they know that Psalm 91:7 says "Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.", so they're not afraid that every time something bad happens to others that the same is going to happen to them.

You really have two buckets in your life rather than one glass. You're either putting good stuff in (faith bucket) or you're putting bad stuff in (fear bucket). It's your choice what to do but the effects of your choice are felt by every person you come in contact with so choose wisely. Choose to exercise your faith!


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