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Tough Questions Made Easy by Jesus. Pastor Mike Novotny

Barnabas was known as the Son of Encouragement because everywhere he went he just made people feel better about themselves and their situations. Pastor Mike Novotny is a modern day Barnabas because his ministry has helped thousands of people overcome a lifetime of hurt. We all know that hurt people hurt people and thankfully God has given people like Pastor Mike to minister aid to the hurt and the hurting especially when dealing with topics like abuse, abortion and divorce. We don't need to carry around our past and we need to remember that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ which is where encouragers like pastor Mike come in.

Pastor Mike has written a new study called " How to Heal", a simple yet powerful walk through the bible to help folks who have felt the sting of life at its worst so that they can experience the freedom from pain that only Jesus can give. The great thing about the book is that it's not just for those who are hurting but for folks who can provide help to those that are. Jesus asked us to be the hands and feet and there's a position for all of us in God's kingdom.

Connect with pastor Mike at to purchase his materials and books and to connect yourself and others with resources of hope and encouragement.

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