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Sitting down with del duduit

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Faith in Action AND Words

Some people are great storytellers. They’re the kind of people that others seek out because they know that when they’re around them they have a chance of learning something new. Del Duduit is a great storyteller. Not only do people want to hear his story but the true measure of a writer is how many people line up to have him tell their story and Del has a big list and audience. Del has written books that focus on the relationship between sports and Jesus as well as books that will inspire you new levels of faith in your Christian walk. We encourage everyone to visit with Del at and to purchase his books as he has something for every reader no matter where they find themselves in their faith. Del has an active social media presence and he encourages people to reach out to him and we do to as you won’t be disappointed. 

at twitter @delduduit at instagram @delduduit at Facebook @delduduit

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