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EYFPodcast- Prisoner Set Free. Exercise Your Faith to get out of the Shadows with Herman Mendoza

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

You've probably heard that there is never too far a place to go away from God that He can't find you. If you understand God's loving and amazing grace you'll understand and be reassured of God's love through Herman's amazing story. If you've never understood what God's grace was then you'll be blown away by Herman's story and be reassured that there is hope, even for you. Herman's story is the rise and fall of one of New York's most notorious drug kingpins, with the redemption of God's unconditional love and grace. You'll be moved by what you hear as we were when we talked with Herman. Follow along with him through his youth, drug kingpin to jail house preacher. Sit back, and enjoy another testimony of redemption and restoration. If you're a mom who has been blessed with a prodigal son then Herman's mom will restore the hope that can only be found in the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Having Faith in God is not automatic nor does it come at the same time for brothers or family members, we all find God the hope is we get to choose our terms. Herman found God in prison and it's his hope it doesn't have to go that far for you.

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