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Sheepdogs are human too. Scott Medlin can tell you all about it.

A sheepdog protects the flock from any and all perils even when the sheep don't seem to want the support or respect the support. Sheepdogs are loyal to those they serve and willingly will risk it all to defend and protect as if their own life depends on it. Scott Medlin is one of those sheepdogs as he is an active law enforcement officer with many years behind the badge. Scott's story is like many in law enforcement today in that even though their is unrest, hate and what can only be described as lunacy from some. he still looks forward each day to going on duty to serve and protect even those that seek to destroy. This type of loyalty can take a toll on LEO's and Scott was moved at the beginning of 2020 to reach out to his fellow officers as he became aware that more officers die of suicide than on the job. Scott's calling led him to writing a book on how we can support law enforcement and how officers can help themselves get through the dark places they sometimes have to go.

Listen carefully at the end where Scott gives us as Christians and non-Christians some important and simple tips that we can do to help our officers get through their shifts. You will be blessed and so will your officers because you listened.

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