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Percy McCray walks the walk and Talks the talk at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

In a church of 200 people there will statistically be 8 people living with and fighting cancer. In addition 2 more people at that same church will be diagnosed with cancer within the year which is why every church needs a cancer care ministry. Thankfully the process of starting this ministry has already been thought out by the Reverend Percy McCray who is the Director of Faith-Based Programs at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the person behind the website which is a coalition of community pastors and clergy who help build bridges from despair to hope. In today's EYFPodcast episode you will learn how to start a cancer care ministry at your church, and what to do and where to go should you or someone close to you is faced with cancer. Most importantly you will no longer see cancer as the big "C" word as you will be reminded that it is "Christ" who is the big "C" in all things.

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