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Patrick Prill breaks down the crazy things Atheists say

Today the EYFPodcast is joined by author and speaker Patrick Prill. I can recall many times the chance and opportunity to engage an atheist only to run away afraid that in doing so we would be exposed as not knowing enough. I'm sure many of you have felt the same thing and after today hopefully that will have changed. Patrick Prill is passionate about theism - that God exists. He is also passionate about family and business. It is, after all, possible to be passionate about more than one thing.

Patrick earned a MA in Theology and a MA in Church History from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also earned a BBA in Economics from the University of Memphis. He's been active in advancing the case for Christian theism and has partnered with college ministries for years. Among them are CRU, InterVarsity, Rutgers United, Chi Alpha, Young Life and Ratio Christi. Since retiring, he has increased his involvement in teaching, writing and helping campus ministries. You can connect with Patrick at and purchase his book at

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