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Letting Go of the Baggage-Brandie Muncaster's amazing story of Redemption

So much of what we go through in life is based on our reactions to things that happen to us. It's not what happened to us that is the problem but rather how we reacted to what happened to us that can kill us. Brandie Muncaster went through a lot in her life. She was a child of divorce, she was emotionally abused. She sought approval in all the wrong places and as a result was left homeless at a time when her peers were picking colleges and planning the next phases of their lives. Through it all she had a grandmother who never stopped praying and a God who never stopped listening. Brandie's life is a story is that of an overcomer but most importantly the story of someone who found peace at the feet of Jesus. Too many people carry around their problems like they were a suitcase of clothes on a trip. We don't like them much but they're ours and no one is going to take them from us. The problem with that is your problems never go away then. They keep showing up wherever you do.

Take a half hour today to listen to Brandie's story of rest and then apply it to yourself and throw your problems in the trash where they belong. Start new with God this year and watch what happens.

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