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EYFPodcast- Become a King. Exercise Your Faith with Morgan Snyder.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

When you think of becoming a king what comes to your mind? For most it's likely going to be a slightly different perspective than what nationally acclaimed writer Morgan Snyder has put forth in his new book, "Becoming a King". The EYFPodcast had the opportunity to sit down with Morgan this week and in doing so we dived right into the idea of restoring what God has given us to do. We learned that we all have a "kingdom" that God has put us in charge of and we explored the relationship of father to son and what it means to have a heavenly Father. This is a time to savor so find a quiet place and sit back and enjoy listening. You'll walk away a better son, and daughter of the Most High. If you want to know how to grow in faith you'll want to listen to this podcast several times as the information delivered is beyond good.

Morgan can be found at and you can purchase his book at Morgan is partners with John Eldredge at Ransomed Heart ministries and we at EYF highly recommend you join forces with Ransomed Heart as part of their subscription services. The more connected to God you are, the better the outcomes. Find the resources you need at 

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