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Happily Ever After?

We meet, we fall in love, we get married, have kids and then we live happily ever after. Wait, you mean that isn't how it happens? The EYF team had the pleasure to sit down with two people who know the meaning of till death do we part, Steve and Lisa Goldberg of Side by Side Ministries. Steve and Lisa have a ministry that has helped save a bunch of marriages as God has given them the tools to help folks in crisis. As we know God often uses events in our own lives to help prepare us and Steve and Lisa share their own marital heartache and how it drove them closer together and finally got God to be the center of their marriage. Exercising Your Faith means we have to not only say we're sorry but also it takes a tremendous amount of faith to accept that apology.

This is one of our favorite shows and by the end we think you'll agree.

Connect with Steve and Lisa at Side by Side

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