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Tools to Live By

Updated: Apr 5

Jesus was by trade a carpenter and I think God knew what what He was doing when He thought about what vocation He would choose during His time on earth. As you know a carpenter builds things. A highly skilled carpenter is often referred to as a "craftsman" and it's the work of his hands that defines his stature. Jesus was the master craftsman in that he built the church and constructed the way to bring salvation to everyone. Jesus however didn't do all this by winging it every week or sporadically preparing for his work each day. Jesus brought his tools with him everywhere. There are two tools we can also use to help us be more like Jesus and in doing so we can accomplish more through Him.

Tool # 1 Prayer

If Christ could be defined by one thing he did I think it could be argued that he was a prayer. We see in the scriptures time and time again where Jesus prayed. He sought out God the Father for everything, he was in constant contact with Him and made it a point to have quiet time with the Father each and every day. If you want to emulate Jesus (and we all should) then we need to copy his examples of prayer and be in constant contact with him each and every day in all areas of our lives. Matthew 6:33 says to "seek him first", Luke 5:16 says that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. If we want a better life then prayer needs to be the first tool we reach for when we have an issue or problem that needs to be fixed.

Tool # 2 Scripture

We so often hear that the bible is the word of God that we stop realizing that it is THE WORD OF GOD. John described Jesus as "The Word" and that the Word had become flesh. God didn't say these things because they sounded nice and made for a great story, no He said these things because they are true. The bible isn't just a collection of meaningless stories based on some random theme but the spoken word of the living God. If you've never looked at it that way this could be a game changer. We (you, I, everyone) need to study God's word. We need to seek it for clarity, for understanding, for comfort and for strength. Everything we need to live a great life can be found within the pages of the bible. There is no other book that can position you for your destiny like the bible. The bible needs to be read, meditated on, digested, studied, copied, memorized etc., etc. The bible (scripture) should be the first thing that you process in the morning and it should be the last thing your eyes consider at night. A problem at work should result in prayer and a search through scripture for an answer. A problem at home should result in prayer and a search through scripture for an answer. A parent with a problem should pray and research the bible. A marriage whether good or in trouble should pray and research the bible. It's the biggest no brainer in history.

A good builder always brings and has the right tools available for every job. The same goes for a successful Christian. The most successful Christians always have the right tools available too. They're easy to spot as well, they're always praying (or asking for prayer) and they read their bible each and every day. Faith is a muscle and requires exercise to grow and God's workouts can be tough but stick with them and watch yourself get stronger.

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