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EYFPodcast- Empowering Sheepdogs and Exercising his faith. The Adam Davis story.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

A lot of people take their pain and misfortune and run away with it or try and bury it in the hopes that it never returns. Then there are the kinds of people like Adam Davis who take their pain and count it as something good to be shared so that others might not have to suffer the same fate or at least have a guide to get them through it. Adam could sell and eskimo an ice cream cone so it's easy to see why people are drawn to him for help and answers. A former hostage negotiator for the police department and self-described not great husband, Adam took the things he'd see and done and let God turn them into something good. Adam is the epitome of Roman's 8:28. He's authored many books and helped reconstruct many lives through Jesus Christ who lives in him. After listening to Adam you'll probably want to reach out to him much like we did and when you do you'll probably find a friend. Visit Adam at Make sure when you are there you pick up a copy of "Behind the Badge" and give a copy or two to your local police departments and if you're married or know someone who is get "Bulletproof Marriage". You won't be disappointed.

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