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Get your life back wise words from john eldredge

The average American checks their phone 80 times a day; 70 percent keep it within reach while they sleep. In a culture constantly barraged by information at a frantic pace, it’s no wonder people feel numb and burnt out. Do you feel phantom vibrations from your phone? Are you more like Pavlov's dogs who start salivating the second you get a ding from your smartphone? If this is you then John's book, "Get your Life Back" should be on your list of must have reads. EYFPodcast had the opportunity recently to sit down with NYT bestselling author John Eldredge and to go through his thoughts on the stress of today and his simple solutions to reconnecting with God. It's an episode you don't want to miss for sure and you'll want to get the book as well. John sums it well when he says this. “You can get your life back; you can live freely and lightly. The world may be harsh, but God is gentle; he knows what your life is like. What we need to do is put ourselves in places that allow us to receive his help. Let me show you how.”

To purchase John's book Get Your Life Back and any of John's other best selling titles you can do so at:

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