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EYFPodcast- Exercise Your faith by Searching for God. Talking to Tyler Smith so we can Search for 7.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It's hard to find what we're not actively searching for. The Christian life is meant to be an adventure-a search for our Maker and a search for truth. Searching for Seven takes readers on a journey of looking for God through every aspect of life-seven days a week.

In ministry, coaching, fatherhood, and writing, Tyler D. Smith has been in pursuit of a faith that lasts beyond Sundays. Through his shared experiences, storytelling, and captivating use of Scripture, you're invited to join him in the search of a lifetime. In this quick read, you will learn:

What it looks like to search for God every day How to apply God's Word to daily situations Why every part of your story matters

Let the search begin.

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