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EYFPodcast- Work With a Purpose. Durable Trades with Rory Groves

How big is your God? That's a big question all right and it should be. Is your God big enough to provide fiber, food and shelter should you follow the seed that God has planted in your heart? Rory Groves wasn't entirely sure but he knew that spending time with his family was a currency that came with a price and he didn't want to waste every chance he had with his family so he and his wife set out to change their economy from the world to a family centered economy. Out of this seed has grown the Grovestead, his family farm that has become a teaching farm for his community and most importantly his family.

Rory took his passion for research and created a book called "Durable Trades" that is a compilation of all the different jobs since essentially the beginning of history that families have done to thrive and prosper in their economy. Durable Trades is literally a blueprint of what you could do if the desire to learn and be mentored is there for the individual looking to get away from the day to day and begin to spend a life of living.

Too many of us think that our God is not concerned with the day to day issues of our lives and nothing could be further from the truth and Rory has proved that over and over with rabbits, chickens and building fences. God cares about everything and it takes a belief in a big God to reveal that to ourselves.

There is still room for you out there in the country if you're just willing to believe and practice discipline. You can reach out to Rory at and buy his book, take a class and you can probably even milk the goat if you get there early enough.

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