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EYFPodcast- Soccer is a way to Exercise Your Faith from Iran to the US. Kia Zolgharnain's story

Imagine growing up in a family in Iran during the time of the Shah. Now imagine that same family having to literally run for their lives in he dark of night and smuggle themselves out of Iran or risk execution. That was Kia's life growing up. Not allowed to play with other kids in the streets like most young boys growing, Kia dreamed of someday playing soccer professionally but until his family was forced to relocate from Teheran to Scottsdale Arizona he had never been on a team or even played the game outside of kicking the ball against a wall. At 17 though, after only 3 years of playing high school soccer, Kia signed a pro contract to play soccer. If that was the end of the story it would be amazing enough but as with all things God, it was only the beginning. Join us today to look inside the life of Kia, the kid who turned his dreams into reality by the grace of God and the game of soccer.

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