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EYFPodcast- How to hear God with Bob Hasson (secret is you have to listen)

Bob Hasson hasn’t always understood what God had been trying to say to him because of the same reasons most of us have missed out, we weren’t listening. Hearing God speak to us is a learned skill. It requires us to be able to shut down all the outside noise and listen for the answer. Hearing God requires patience and understanding(wisdom) that God might be using other people, His Word, obstacles or simply events that occur in everyday to life to speak to us. In their new book “Wired to Hear” Bob Hasson and pastor Shawn Bolz dive deep into the concepts and idea of hearing God’s voice in the marketplace as nearly 98.5% of all Christians have vocations that exist outside of church.

We know you are going to enjoy listening to Bob today as his manner of speaking is direct and practical and you will come away with more than what you brought by taking the time to hear him speak.

We encourage you to reach out to Bob at and also pick up a copy of the book “Wired to Hear” and be prepared to hear from God. To connect with Shawn visit

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