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EYFPodcast- Exercising your faith involves re-wiring your brain. Dr. Tiffany Tajiri Explains

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you our interview with Dr. Tiffany Tajiri. Dr. Tiffany Tajiri (Tah-jeer-ee) is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist, a veteran US Air Force officer, and currently the chief of the largest behavioral health clinic at Fort Bliss, Texas. She is the CEO and founder of Stand Up and Recover, Inc., the creator of Rhythm Restoration, and co- author of Abundant Recovery curriculum at Abundant Church.

Dr. Tajiri has made it her passion to bring God to our brave men and women in the military as she treats them for PTSD as well as other difficulties that result from combat. In addition to her practice she has written an important book that will help active duty, veterans and really anyone having to deal with trauma called Peace After Combat.

We all have questions about where God is in the midst of our trauma and Dr. Tiffany has the answer so join us today for an enlightening discussion.

Instagram: DrTiffanyTajiri

YouTube: Dr. Tiffany


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