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EYFPodcast- Exercise your faith even though no one else will. Delphine Kirkland's Story.

Imagine having a faith that is so bold that everyone tries to convince you otherwise? Now imagine suffering for 3 years with a disease and all the while counting that suffering as joy. That is the mindset of Delphine Kirkland, who for three years walked alone in the physical realm but was guarded, lifted up and blessed by Jesus in the spiritual realm. Her book " Just Jesus and Me" details her walk of pain and subsequent healing at the hands of God. This is the podcast to listen to if you are dealing with doubt, issues of healing or if you just want to know how to truly exercise your faith in the darkest of circumstance. You will be changed because God's Word does not come back void.

James and I both agree this is one of the best interviews we've ever been blessed to be a part of. Join us, let go and let God.

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