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EYFPodcast- Exercise your Faith and beat depression with Ben Courson

There's more to exercising your faith than just getting to the cross. In order to get where we want to go we need to upgrade our mindset(remember we are a son or daughter of the almighty God), change the way we think (as we think we go) and monitor the Words we speak as there is death and LIFE in the power of the tongue. Ben Courson is the epitome of changing ones mindset from dark to light as he battled despair and hopelessness and turned his story into a rescue story for others. Ben has written two timely books the latest of which is titled "Flirting With Darkness" which is his successful approach to defeating depression by following 11 biblically based steps. Ben is about finding hope through exercising his faith in Jesus and through regular workouts designed to change the brains neurological patterns. Ben will be the first to tell you that God has wonderfully created all of us and the way we think, act and speak is no accident.

Today you have the opportunity to meet a gifted, talented but completely down to earth humble guy. He's been sharing God's Word since he was old enough to walk and his is a story you don't want to miss. You too can find strength and hope in God through the encouragement of His Word and through people like Ben. Enjoy!

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