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EYFPodcast- Cowboy, Author, Pastor, Christ Follower. John L. Moore exercises his faith with us.

Today at the EYFPodcast we have the absolute pleasure to bring you a conversation with cowboy, cattle rancher, pastor and award winning writer John L. Moore. John brings a new meaning to the term involved and busy. The art of writing involves thousand of hours and yet in between 7 novels and over 2,000 other published works John has successfully managed a cattle ranch, been inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame and pastored three churches. John's latest acclaimed novel is called Blue Man and it's a fun and fast paced dive into Christian fiction that is sure to keep you reading until you finish as I can attest to. The great thing about John's writings and this podcast is that to read and listen to John is to recognize he writes and speaks wisdom in layers, you don't always see or hear what God is speaking through him the first time through.

If you have an interest in the supernatural, ranching, Christian fiction then John L. Moore is worth the time to get to know. You can reach out to John @

Buy the book Blue Man-

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