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Exercise Your Faith by Stopping the Devil's destruction through the Freedom Fight with Ted Shimer

Let me share some stats with you today. 68% of church going men use pornography on a regular basis. 45% of college aged women watch pornography at least once a month. 50% of pastors admit to watching pornography regularly. The average age a child gets introduced to porn is age 11. Houston, we have a problem!

It takes a special person to be willing to stand in the gap and God has chosen Ted Shimer to do just that. Ted and his wife responded to the calling over 30 years ago to try and stem the tide and he needs our help. Ted has founded the organization The Freedom Fight and it's purpose is to equip the church(me and you) to help those affected and to help ourselves as well. The enemy comes to seek and destroy and what better tool to use than pornography. It corrupts the mind, the soul and the family. If this episode is for you then go to and get some help. If it's for someone you love then YOU need to go to so you can equip yourself with the tools to lead them to getting help.

It's unlikely that anyone else is going to step up and stand in the gap other than you. God created you for this moment in time to help bring restoration to families everywhere. Join the EYFPodcast and the Freedom Fight and let's turn the darkness into light.

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