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Exercise your faith by COMPLEMENTing each other in your Marriage

We at EYFPodcast can honestly say that there is finally a bible study on marriage that truly complements both the husband and the wife. We know this because best selling authors and all around amazingly creative people Aaron and Jamie Ivey co-wrote it. The great and unique thing about it is that Aaron wrote the book for the husbands and Jamie wrote it for the wives and neither knew what the other had written until it had gone to the editor. Aaron and Jamie could do this because their marriage is not their own but rather it has Jesus at the center. You see, Aaron and Jamie view their marriage through the lens of Jesus and that their marriage is a gift from God and if it is to become all that God wants it to be then Jesus must be the role model and leader.

One of things we liked most about our interview is that the study doesn't focus on the problems. Complement puts the focus on solutions. Anyone can write a book and talk about the major problems with marriage today (divorce) but few are there who can articulate a message of marriage hope like Aaron and Jamie. We hope you enjoy the show and as always subscribe to our podcast wherever you seek out our content and thank you for listening.


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