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Exercise without breaking a sweat

Exercising Your Faith without Breaking a Sweat

David L. Winters

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to David’s show yet you and you’re a man, you really need to. If you’re a woman married to a man or have a man as a boyfriend or a son, you too should listen as he has the kind of advice that could clear a cloud on a rainy day. David’s book, “Exercise Your Faith” (great title by the way) rips through the murky water that can sometime envelop the men we love and admire. David leads you through his life experiences and applies to them the biblical truths in order to pave the way for others to gain the kind of understanding and peace that only God can provide. David is living proof that God can restore each and every one of us and he does so in such a humble way that we can all come into agreement with. We all live with doubt and fear and David’s book, when read along with the bible can help restore your soles. Listen to his podcast, reach out to him at and purchase his book EXERCISE YOUR FAITH at Amazon or wherever books are sold. You won’t be disappointed and those around you might even thank you for it.

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