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EYFPodcast- Exercise Your faith for your kids future. They need you. Talking with Lee Ann Mancini.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Just like last week we provided parents with an important resource for back to school with, James and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lee Ann Mancini. Lee Ann is a noted children's author, Apologetics Professor (just ask her about Romans we dare you!) and amongst other amazing things is the creator of the cartoon series SeaKids. What Lee Ann is most noted for is her passion for kids and helping us raise them as Christ followers. Lee Ann's passion is infectious and don't be surprised if you feel like putting a helmet on and charging through a brick wall after listening. If you have a child, a grandchild or simply know someone who does, this story is for you. We encourage you to seek out the many resources to be found at Lee Ann's site and to help prosper her ministry by patronizing it.

Lee Ann's kids books will help your child discover:

  1. spiritual strength,

  2. kid friendly bible study methods

  3. discover what faith in God looks like

  4. how to grow in faith

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