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Alexandra Boylan is driven to succeed. Go along for the ride

Trying to contain the passion of Alexandra Broylan is like trying to catch and bottle the wind. You just can't do it no matter how hard you try. Alexandra is one of those people who is just on fire for God and she just can't be put out and that's the kind of attitude it takes to be a successful Christian film producer in Hollywood. Alexandra's an overnight sensation that took 20 years to happen as she took the time to listen to Jesus and do things His way in His will and she is reaping the benefits of her hard work through her movies. From living a year in her Toyota Corolla, to having a home and then selling everything to finance her movie (and living back on the road again) Alexandra jumped into the passion that God gave her with both feet and burned the bridge behind her. If you're in need of inspiration, if you're in need of hope and encouragement you have come to the right place. Listen and then be inspired to follow what God has put into your heart.

Connect with Alexandra at and watch her movies on Netflix, Hulu and Pureflix

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