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EYFPodcast-Exercising your faith as a Dad. It's an adventure in fatherhood with Holland Webb.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I'll never forget an epic camping trip my family took when I was around 7-8 years old. We traveled up the coast of the western U.S. in my grandfathers "Executive" motorhome. We fished everywhere and while you would think that would be my memory of that trip it would probably surprise you to hear that it wasn't. What I remember the most about that trip was watching my dad trying to start a campfire and nearly blowing us all up and starting a major forest fire. Being it was the pacific northwest it was a little wet and my dad was struggling to get the fire going so he got the great idea to pour a little gasoline on it. Well as fate would have it, he stumbled a bit and a much greater amount of gas was released out of that can and the next thing I remember was a huge explosion, an enormous ball of fire and my dad had lost his eyebrows. Thankfully the explosion consumed most of the fuel and things simmered down. I'm sure my dad felt bad as all he was trying to do was provide a campfire for his kids but like many things we do as dads and parents, we fail.

Thankfully we can look back on our "adventures" and see them for what they really are, attempts to provide and connect with those we love. We don't always hit the mark but accuracy isn't the goal here, it's taking the shot if you will and that's what your kids will remember the most, you were there and you took them along on your adventures. Read Hollands book and then go out and create your own stories. You may never get them published as Holland did but for those who lived them with you, that will always be enough.

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