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EYFPodcast-Exercise your Faith through God's Word. Hear Bruce Pulver Speak Life.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

There is power in the tongue and the bible is very clear that our words and how we use them can either bring life or death. The very words we speak can bring us spiritual strength or spiritual weakness. Even with that in mind how many times do we find ourselves carelessly throwing around words without pausing to think of the impact they may have. Bruce Pulver is the Shakespeare of the South, a man of God and a man of many, many words. We think so much of Bruce and his story and we know you will as well. Sit back, get your pencil and paper out and take notes and consider your "words" like never before. Additionally listen for Bruce's unique method he uses to study the word of God and to increase his faith in God. Bruce's book can be found at his website listed below and as a special show of grace Bruce personally autographs each book and gives a copy away for every book he sells to prison and homeless shelters throughout the U.S. Our words matter and so do our deeds so we hope you will purchase a book and get one sent to a dark place that needs God's light.

Remember, a bible study on faith or a bible study on healing doesn't have to be complex or arduous to complete.

If you need to increase your faith, study scriptures on faith.

If you need healing, study bible verses on healing.

If you need spiritual strength, study the Word of God.

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