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EYFPodcast- Exercising your faith at 225mph. Slowing things down with IndyCar's Davey Hamilton.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Many people have the misconception that all racing is, is going fast and turning left. EYFPodcast got the chance to sit down with IndyCar racing legend and Team owner Davey Hamilton and we got an insiders look into what it's like to race at Indianapolis and in the race of life. According to Davey it's all about prayer, spiritual strength and growing in your faith when you're flying around a race track at 220 mph. Prayer does work in racing as does having faith in God but it is also for when life crashes all around you and you don’t know where to start to pick up the pieces. Follow Davey at Kingdom Racing ( and King of the Wing ( to find out where he's going to be racing at next on a wing and a prayer and be sure to subscribe to his plan for a better life:

1. Study the Word of God

2. Develop spiritual strength through prayer

3. Focus on scriptures on Faith

4. Exercise your faith daily

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